Java Mobile Application Development Training

Computer based controls is a growing field in robotics, Industrial automation etc. The growing need to integrate computers and machines has given birth to various technologies and concepts. One of the most popular among these is Java ME. This was first utilized in a mobile platform. Thus giving rise to mobile phones working on the Java platform. Java ME is a Java platform designed for embedded systems. Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones. Java ME devices implement a profile. The most common of these are the Mobile Information Device Profile aimed at mobile devices, such as cell phones, and the Personal Profile aimed at consumer products and embedded devices. The growing popularity of Java ME is due to the rising need of automation of industries to reduce maximum human intervention. This will help in fast, precise and efficient control of machines. This platform is similar to its basic mobile version. Therefor we foresee a demand in application developers in java ME platform.

We at IPCS Technologies provide the best hands-on training in Java ME with the help of experienced staff and developers. We can also help you in real development and testing of applications with the help of our IPCS Automation division. There by gaining maximum real-time field experience in the potential of Java ME.